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New Socket for Burn-In & Test Applications

SBT socket simplifies lab and evaluation applications due to low cost and better electrical/mechanical performance than conventional pogo pin. Custom burn-in socket can be produced using SBT contact in 3 weeks when standard socket is not available. SBT sockets with wide temperature range are available in same footprint as elastomer GHz sockets. SBT sockets are available for 0.5mm to 1.27mm BGA, LGA, QFN, QFP, SOIC and other packages.

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Great turn-around. You exceeded our expectations. Thank you for your continued support.
June 2009

Ironwood offers RoHS compliant and lead-free parts

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Catalog 22's cover features our new spring pin socket, which provides high bandwidth in a small footprint for prototyping or test and burn-in applications. These solder-less sockets are good for up to 500,000 insertions. Contact Ironwood for your next socket adapter. Our free catalog 22 is available upon request.

Why choose Ironwood?

- We take pride in our quality.
- We manufacture our parts to order.
- We typically ship in 3-5 days.

Custom Engineering:

Our large custom engineering staff is the strongest in the industry.

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GHz BGA and QFN/MLF Sockets
Spring Pin (Pogo) Sockets

Our GHz BGA and QFN/MLF socket designs combine the smallest footprint with the highest possible performance. They support pitches from 1.27mm down to 0.3mm. We typically ship within 5 days ARO. Simply the best Engineering Test Socket.

IC Device and Package Converters

We offer over 500 adapters for converting IC packaging and device pinouts, solving many IC availability and performance issues. We also offer "fix" adapters to solve layout problems and some known chip deficiencies. Custom, quick turn solutions are our specialty.

Adapters and Modules Turn-Key Solutions

Ironwood has the largest, most experienced engineering staff in our industry. Fast, high quality, quick turn custom projects are our specialty. We can provide complete turn key solutions for subsystems and IC upgrades.

Probing and Analysis Adapters

We offer probing and logic analyzer adapters for all SMT package types, as well as socket probes for DIP and PLCC. We are Agilent and Tektronix partners. In addition, we offer adapters to facilitate the use of in-circuit emulators and FPGA development systems

Prototyping Adapters

Ironwood Electronics has developed over one thousand prototyping adaptor designs, supporting CSP, BGA, QFP, SOIC, PGA, PLCC, QIP, and DIP packages. We use high quality production and test burn-in sockets for reliable connections. Most popular development panels are supported.
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