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Shin-Etsu Polymer Elastomer cut to size

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Please choose a Shin-Etsu Part Number (Only Elastomer): MT0.1Px50x50x0.75T (50mm Max. X 50mm Max. X 0.75T Thickness)
   MT4x0.05Px50x50x0.5T (50mm Max. X 50mm Max. X 0.5T Thickness)
   MTP4x0.05Px25x25x0.25T (25mm Max. X 25mm Max. X 0.25T Thickness)
   MT0.1Px56x56x0.75T (56mm Max. X 56mm Max. X 0.75T Thickness)
   MT0.1Px56x56x0.5T (56mm Max. X 56mm Max. X 0.5T Thickness)

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