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10,122,139 Adapter Apparatus with conductive elements mounted using laminate layer and methods regarding same
9,877,404 Adapter apparatus with socket contacts held in openings by holding structures
9,835,650 Packaged device adapter with parameter indication
9,812,795 Packaged device adapter with force applied using bearing apparatus
9,263,817 Adapter apparatus with suspended conductive elastomer interconnect
9,048,565 Adapter apparatus with deflectable element socket contacts
8,091,222 Method for forming an adapter apparatus using curable material
7,874,880 Adapter apparatus with sleeve spring contacts
7,565,843 Packaged device adapter with torque indicating assembly
7,368,814 Surface mount adapter apparatus and methods regarding same
6,981,882 Packaged device adapter with torque limiting assembly
6,877,993 Packaged device adapter assembly with alignment structure and methods regarding same
6,533,589 Packaged device adapter assembly
6,394,820 Packaged device adapter assembly and mounting apparatus
6,351,392 Offset array adapter

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