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March 2006

Chip Size, High Endurance, 10 GHz Socket for 1.0mm Pitch IC

Users can socket their 1mm pitch ST Micro PBGA 23x23x2.06 288+36 pitch BGA IC's without performance loss with smallest socket footprint

BURNSVILLE, MN - March, 2006 - Ironwood Electronics' new high performance socket - SS-BGA324J-02-01 allows 1.0mm pitch, 23mm body, 22X22 array IC's to be used in socket and operate without compromising performance in very high bandwidth applications. The new 10 GHz bandwidth sockets support the very dense pitch BGA devices in a 500,000 actuations socket. The socket is designed to dissipate up to 7 watts without extra heatsinking and can handle up to 60 wattts with custom heatsink. The contact resistance is typically 30 milliohms per ball. SS-BGA324J-02 has a 16mm dia hole in the middle of the compression assembly to access silicon, to test using focused ion beam or simply place a thermocouple to check silicon temperature.

The SS-BGA324J-02-01 is constructed with high endurance spring pins (pogo) with endurance rated at 500,000 actuations. The temperature range is -40 C to +150C so it can be used to test the product over burn-in and high temperature test applications. The pin inductance is 1.3nH and the mutual inductance is 0.62 nH typically. Capacitance to ground is 0.45 pF and pin to pin capacitance is 0.0425 pF. The socket footprint requires only a 2.5 mm border around the IC - the smallest available. The device is designed with an easy open clamshell lid with superior actuation to press the chip onto the spring pins in the socket. The current capacity of each ball contactor is 4 amps.

Pricing for the SS-BGA324J-02 socket is $1513 each at quantity 1.

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