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November 2010

256BGA 1.27mm to 1mm pitch converterPackage Converters Enable Testing Generation I product on Generation II System

1.27mm pitch, 256 pin BGA old generation product can be tested on new generation PCB which has 256BGA pattern with 1mm pitch until Silicon arrival

BURNSVILLE, MN - November, 2010 - Ironwood Electronics' new package converter - PC-BGA256B/BGA256E-B-01 allow previous product version to be used in the new system boards for test/validation until the new BGA device is released from the foundry or vice versa. These package converters can be soldered directly onto the SMT pads of development boards using standard solder methods. If the BGA device also has same solder ball composition, they can be soldered simultaneously using same reflow profile along with package converter.

The Ironwood Electronics package converter PC-BGA256B/BGA256E-B-01 consists of multi layer PCB with a SAC305 solder ball for SMT processing. The solder balls and PCB are RoHS compliant. Pin mapping from top to bottom footprint is 1:1. PC-BGA256B/BGA256E-B-01 is designed to receive 23x23mmBGA, 16x16 array, 1.27mm pitch on the top and converts 1:1 pin mapping to 17x17mmBGA, 16x16 array, 1mm pitch on the bottom. This allows new development system board to be tested with previous version of BGA device until the arrival of new silicon (1mm pitch BGA). This pitch convertor can be reversed by removing solder balls from 1mm pitch side and adding them on 1.27mm pitch side. By doing this, customer can test new generation BGA device (1mm pitch) on old generation system board (1.27mm pitch) for isolating new device related issues.

Pricing for the PC-BGA256B/BGA256E-B-01 is $315.00 at qty 1 with reduced pricing available depending on quantity required.

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