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October 2006

Probing Adapter for 48 Pin QFN

Users can Connect Logic Analyzer and Scopes to QFN IC's and Test Boards With 48 pin QFN IC's In-Circuit

BURNSVILLE, MN - October, 2006 - Ironwood Electronics' new high performance Probing Adapters CA-QFN48A-L-Z-T-01 allow probing of 48 pin QFN's with logic analyzers such as the Agilent 167XX or Tektronix TLA7XX. These adapters are compatible with 7mmx7mm, 0.5mm pitch QFN's. The SMT foot is simply soldered to the same pads as for the IC using standard soldering methods. The compatible QFN SMT socket adapter foot is available separately such that many boards can be instrumented by moving the probing adapter between PCB's. The IC is installed into the ZIF socket on the probing board. The Probe Board is connected to the PCB attached SMT foot with a male to male pin adapter. Both the Probe Board and the SMT Socket Adapter have gold plated Machined Pins and the male to male adapter is also gold plated for highest reliability. Connection from the probe board is via .65mm square header posts on 2.54mm pitch. These patent pending adapters are available immediately.

Pricing for the Probing Adapter CA-QFN48A-A-01 is $760 each at quantity 1.

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