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September 2005

µBGA Prototyping Adapter Simplifies Device Test

BURNSVILLE, MN - September, 2005 - Design engineers using 0.5mm pitch 84 position µBGA ICs will be interested in the PA-BGA84C-P-Z-01 prototyping adapter from Ironwood Electronics. This adapter is a part of Ironwood Electronics' new high performance product line that allows quick prototyping of µBGA packaged ICs without complicated circuit board design. This prototyping adapter comes with a high speed GHz socket which provides easy access to all signals and simplifies IC swap out. This adapter interfaces the 84 position GHz BGA socket to a 0.100" center pin grid array (PGA).

GHz socket allows 0.5 mm pitch Intel VFBGA 84-Ball package IC's to be used in socket and operate without compromising performance in very high performance memory applications. The new 10 GHz bandwidth sockets easily support very dense BGA devices utilizing a high performance conductive elastomer contactor. The contact resistance is normally 10 milliohms. The sockets have a precision design, which guides the IC to the exact position for connection of each ball and uses an aluminum heat sink screw to provide compressive force. The socket shown in the picture is for 6x6 mm IC body size. The socket accommodates IC packages such as the Intel VFBGA, 0.5 mm pitch, and 10X10 arrays with up to 100 balls. The socket is mechanically mounted to the adapter board. A spacer board on the bottom side of adapter acts as both back plate for the socket and as stand-off for the complete adapter.

The adapter board uses 3mil line/space PCB technology. The bottom interface of adapter is constructed with gold plated machined terminal pins for maximum reliability for socketing as well as soldering to the target PCB. In addition, the adapters can be supplied with wire-wrap pins so the prototype can be built on very inexpensive wire-wrap panels.

The PA-BGA84C-P-Z-01 (BGA prototyping adapter) is available immediately at $516.00 each at quantity 1-10. For more information, please contact Ironwood's sales department.

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