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MGA Receptacles

These receptacles are not yet available via our on-line catalog. If you are interested in these parts, please call our technical sales desk at (800) 404-0204 or (952) 229-8200.

Ironwood Electronics has designated pin arrays with centers greater than 0.039" and less than 0.100" (>1.0mm and <2.45mm) as mini grid arrays (MGA). 0.100" centers are industry standard PGAs. Pin arrays with centers 1.0mm and smaller are designated as micro grid arrays (UGA). MGA and UGA receptacles are typically used as mating connectors to the Ironwood surface mount (SMT) foot product line. A daughter board designed to accommodate the MGA part will plug onto an Ironwood SMT foot allowing connection to a target PCB SMT land pattern.


The Ironwood mini grid arrays which typically have 0.050” centers are available in three common designs:

The -01 and -02 MGAs accept a pin diameter from 0.014” to 0.022”. Seating depth for an 0.018” diameter mating pin is 0.150”.

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