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Logic Analyzer Adapters

Logic analyzer adapter with mictors and high speed GHz BGA socketIronwood offers a number of adapters that support high speed probing using Agilent 16xxx or Tektronix TLA 7xx logic analyzers. These adapters incorporate vendor-specific interfaces and clean, controlled impedance signals. Ironwood received both Agilent and Tektronix certification for qualified partners.

Standard Parts

Mounted in place of an IC device, Ironwood's line of logic analyzer adapters eliminate the need to design debug features into target systems. Our modular designs offer the capability to remove the probe connections and choose between using a ZIF socket or one of our fast surface mount land sockets.

Real time, high speed analysis of target systems requires excellent signal integrity. Our pluggable components employ gold plated connections. Controlled impedance, vendor specific Mictor connectors are used and each signal's integrity is maintained with high speed as the priority. All of these adapters incorporate high speed PCB design techniques to support state of the art analysis and timing of microprocessors.

The drawing below highlights a typical three component modular adapter system:

Graphical illustration shows modular approach for the logic analyzer adapter components

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