27 GHz Bandwidth Epoxy mount Socket for 1mm Pitch Micron Embedded Parallel NOR Flash Users can socket their 1mm pitch, 64ball BGA devices without performance loss or little board space, no mounting holes, no solder

Ironwood Electronics’ new high performance Socket – SG-BGA-6484 allow 1 mm pitch, 11x13mm body IC’s to be used in socket and operate without compromising performance in very high speed memory applications. The new 27 GHz bandwidth sockets easily support very dense BGA devices utilizing a high performance conductive elastomer contactor. The contact resistance is normally 20 milliohms. The sockets have a precision design, which guides the IC to the exact position for connection of each ball and uses an open top socket lid to provide compressive force. The socket accommodates IC packages such as the Micron’s flash memory BGA package, 1 mm pitch BGA, and 8×8 array of balls. The socket requires no solder and no mounting holes and requires only 1.25 mm perimeter space for the socket body on the target PCB.

These patented ZIF sockets are simply mounted to the target PCB by an epoxy band around the perimeter. The socket is placed into position with a precision alignment tool and epoxied in place. There are special grooves on the socket wall for additional retaining strength. The contactor can be easily replaced after hundreds of cycles.

Pricing for the socket SG-BGA-6484 is $350 at quantity 1.