Giga-snaP™ BGA SMT Adapters

Giga-snaP™ BGA SMT Adapters (LS/SF)

The Giga-snaP™ line of BGA SMT adapters provide the most reliable interconnect to BGA SMT pads. These patented adapters remain attached through many solder cycles and will not warp as plastic molded parts. They also offer half the insertion force of other SMT adapters.

Surface Mount Package Emulation

Surface Mount Package Emulation (SF)

Ironwood has developed the industry's widest range of interconnection adaptors for SMT device emulation and interconnect. Our Giga-snaP™ BGA SMT Package Emulators provide highest speed, reliability, and lowest insertion force. We offer SMT bases and thru-hole adapters for BGA, PLCC, QFP, and SOIC packages.

Package Converters & Fix Adapters

Package Converters & Fix Adapters (PC/DC/FX)

We offer many adapters for converting IC packaging and device pin outs, solving many IC availability and performance issues. We also offer fix adapters to solve layout problems and some known chip deficiencies. Custom, quick turn solutions are our specialty.

Probing and Analysis Adapters

Probing and Analysis Adapters (CA/PB/LA)

We offer probing adapters and logic analyzer adapters for all SMT package types, as well as socket probes for DIP and PLCC. We are Keysight and Tektronix partners. In addition, we offer adapters to facilitate the use of in-circuit emulators and FPGA development systems.

PLCC Clips & Socket Plugs

PLCC Clips & Socket Plugs (PL/CL)

We offer PLCC adapters that will snap onto the PLCC package or insert into a PLCC socket. These adapters provide reliable access and interconnection to all signals.

Chip Obsolescence Solution

Chip Obsolescence Solution

Ironwood has 25+ years of experience in solving chip obsolescence problem. We can provide complete turn-key solutions for subsystems and IC upgrades that involves design service, component procurement service, component manufacturing, final assembly, X-ray/AOI service, functional/parametric testing and customized packaging.