BGA Socket Adapter for 1924 pin, 1mm Pitch Xilinx Virtex-7 BGA Emulation Socket Adapter Allows Affordable, Reliable Socketing of ICs with different mounting configuration

Ironwood Electronics’ new high performance BGA Socket Adapter, LS-BGA1924A-05, allows user to convert compression mount BGA socket which needs mounting holes (in target PCB) into conventional through hole soldering options. The adapter consists of machined Phosphorous Bronze pins pressed into an FR4 wafer. The top side of adapter has gold plated pads to receive socket interconnect and the bottom side has 0.008″ diameter pin tails. The adapter can be soldered to any thru-hole pattern using conventional soldering methods or plugged into mating female receptacle.

The companion female receptacle is attached directly to the target PCB using the same soldering methods as attaching BGA. The target BGA device is inserted into compression mount socket which is mechanically connected to the LS-BGA1924A-05 using mounting screws. The two parts are interconnected together with gold plated machined pins for highest reliability. BGA socket adapter configuration allows mounting BGA sockets to the zero keep out BGA footprint.

Pricing for the LS-BGA1924A-05 adapter $782 each at quantity 1.