Carrier Adapter for 1.27mm Pitch SOIC28 Debugging of 28lead SOIC is made easier with CA-SO28E-Z-J-01 Carrier Adapter with chip size SMT base

Ironwood Electronics’ SOIC Carrier Adaptors make it easy to probe, and quickly switch IC’s on a board with SMT lands only. The CA-SO28E-Z-J-01 has a clam shell style zero insertion force (ZIF) socket on top and a J-lead type surface-mount foot on the bottom. The SOIC J-lead type surface-mount foot (which is a true emulation of a SOIC package) solders to a target board SOIC land pattern with simple hand soldering procedure. The top part of the adapter plugs onto the foot through a gold plated mini grid array pin interface assembly. High signal integrity is accomplished with a use of short trace lengths, and gold plated pins. Other top and bottom interfaces are also available. Don’t lay out your board twice! Use Ironwood’s Carrier Adapters, and other products for your emulation and test needs.

The CA-SO28E-Z-J-01 adapter is priced at $365 USD in quantities of 110 parts. The component parts are also available individually.