Chip Size BGA Socket Adapter for Marvell System Controller IC Users can connect their 724 pin 1mm pitch BGA device via BGA socket adapter to the mother board with excellent signal integrity

Ironwood Electronics’ released a new BGA socket adapter for 724 pin BGA, 1mm pitch, 35x35mm IC size. BGA socket adapter consists of two modules (female socket module and male adapter module). Patented female socket module was built with machined pins epoxy over molded into an assembly that matches the male adapter module with similar construction. SF-BGA724A-B-42F (female socket module) can be soldered to a mother board using standard soldering methods without warping that result in reliable connection to PCB. Similarly, BGA device can be soldered to male adapter module. Both modules are constructed with high temperature FR-4 substrate assuring match with target PCB’s and preventing failures that occur with CTE mismatch. Male adapter module with BGA device is plugged into SF-BGA724A-B-42F on the target board, thereby device and the mother board are interconnected and the system is ready to go. The modules come with both lead and lead free solder ball type options. The BGA socket adapter pair requires half the force of conventional connectors at 20 pounds for the 724 pin interface for ease of operation. The electrical path of the BGA socket adapter is a high priority performance issue with the physical length from the top connection point on the male pin module to the solder ball on the female socket is 4.5 mm. This is the shortest connection length by far for machined pin sockets, therefore providing better transmission of high frequency signals. These BGA socket adapters passed environmental tests (MIL-STD) and qualified for various range of applications including automotive, military, communications, industrial, etc. The BGA socket adapter line is available in many different pin counts with 1mm, 0.8mm and 0.5mm pitch, and customs can be delivered in days.

Pricing for the SF-BGA724A-B-42F @qty1 = $229.00 with reduced pricing available depending on quantity required.