GRYPPER SOCKETS now available through Ironwood Electronics True Zero Footprint BGA Memory Sockets

Ironwood Electronics, with the recent announcement of the Technology Licensing and Operations agreements executed between Ironwood and HSIO Technologies, now offers the Gypper DDR and other memory sockets. The DDR4 Ironwood Grypper socket, P/N 107022-0038, allows testing device in the exact footprint as the device. Fitting the socket into the same location into an end application PCB is great for development and failure analysis. The socket is surface mounted using standard soldering methods to the same location on the PCB as the device. To insert a device it is simply inserted into the socket by pressing it into the socket, no lid is required. The unique geometry of the contact grips onto the solder balls on the device. To remove the device a simple tool can be used to pop the device back out of the socket and it is ready to install another device. Grypper socket has excellent electrical performance with S21 – 1dB to 40 Ghz. Insertion requirements are approx. 95 grams / contact. The socket is sold in 3 configurations; Sockets with a Rohs solder ball (SAC 305) replicates the device. The socket configured with Eutectic solder ball allow easy reflow/attachment onto a PCB that already has components mounted. The lower melting temperature of the Eutectic solder will not affect any adjacent components that might be close to the target area where the socket is to be placed. The socket can also be purchased with NO solder balls. This requires the use of a thick 8 mil stencil for the correct amount of solder paste allowing any type solder paste the customers lab might use for attachment.

Contact for complete specifications and drawings of Grypper DDR sockets.

The DDR 4 x4/8 – 78 Ball sockets are available immediately. Pricing is $245.00 each with a MOQ of (4).