Ironwood adds NAND ONFI standard 154 BGA Grypper socket Grypper Sockets for smaller footprint BGA-154b package

Ironwood Electronics continues to design new solutions using the Grypper socket technology for the newer smaller footprint devices released in the Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFi) 5.0 specification. The socket is surface mounted using standard soldering methods to the same location on the PCB. The Grypper requires no lid, the device simply snaps into the socket. Because the Grypper contacts are only 1.5 to 2.2 mm long, the electrical performance is superior with S21 @ -1bd to 40 GHz. Ironwood Electronics has a complete line of sockets developed for the ONFi standard devices and supports the other memory devices in the industry such as DDR, GDDR, LPDDR and eMMC/UFS types. Grypper sockets can be developed for any BGA type device to allow a Zero Footprint (Socket is the same size as the device) solution, reflowing to the identical place as your BGA device, and requires NO mounting hardware

Pricing for the 154 BGA Grypper socket, Part Number GR1110-XXXX is $ 466.00 each (4-10) with either a SAC 305 or Eutectic (Tin/Lead) solder ball for the reflow/attachment process.