Ironwood continues to support the newest Memory devices with Grypper sockets for DDR5 Grypper Sockets available for the DDR 5 102 BGA I/O devices

Ironwood Electronics continues to support the latest development in the DDR Memory architecture with sockets to support the newest DDR5 devices with higher data rates expected to overtake DDR4 in desktops and servers. The 102 Grypper socket is similar to the DDR4 78 and 96 I/O with S21 performance to 40 GHz. The Grypper socket is the same size as the device allowing it to be reflowed to the exact location in any platform. There is no lid need as the device simply snaps into the socket. The Grypper socket allows swapping out of parts in seconds for development, debug and screening.

The GR1027-XXXX socket is available with SAC 305 solder balls for new builds, Eutectic (Tin/Lead) for attaching the socket on platforms that already have other components on them, as the Eutectic will reflow at a lower temperature so not to affect any close/adjacent components near the target.

Pricing for the 102 Grypper socket with either Eutectic or SAC 305 solder balls is $405.00 each at quantities of (4-10). Reduced pricing available for higher quantities.