Ironwood Electronics Supports UMN Solar Vehicle Project Digital manufacturing enables accurate parts in short turn time

Ironwood Electronics sponsors University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project by contributing steering arms and motor mount parts for building their 12th car, Eos, to race in the Cruiser Class of the World Solar Challenge 2015. Ironwood Electronics has best-in-class CNC machines for custom fixture fabrication enabling easy and precise assembly functions.

The U of M team has designed the parts in 3D-CAD. Ironwood’s team imported the model into 3D CAM software. Cutting tool path was analyzed by taking material properties into consideration. Steering arms were machined out of 7075 Aluminum. Motor mount fixtures were machined out of 4130 steel. Parts were machined by utilizing 4th axis capabilities included in our CNC machines. The benefits of 4th axis machining are the machines ability to cut complex shapes in a single set-up. This reduces the machinist setup time and increases production output.

“The parts worked fantastic”, said one of UMN Solar team member. Ironwood Electronics is proud to support University’s student team in their environmental initiatives.