Ironwood Grypper sockets for all BGA components on Memory Cards Solutions for Controllers, Buffers and DDR's BGA devices

Ironwood Electronics has Grypper sockets for all your BGA components used on Memory cards – Contoller, Buffers and DDR’s.

The Ironwood Grypper sockets are great for enabling fast easy swap out of BGA device for development sorting and failure analysis. The Grypper socket allow you to simply snap in the BGA device into the socket – No Lid needed. The Grypper sockets are the same size as the device ,”ZERO FOOTPRINT SOCKET”, so they will reflow directly onto the same area as the original device. The Grypper has excellent electrical performance to 40 Ghz @ -1dB.

The DDR sockets, 78 and 96, have a list price (4-10) of $362.00 each supplied with a pre attached solder ball for easy attachment. They can be ordered with SAC 305 or Eutectic solder balls. You can also purchase the sockets without the pre attached solder ball at $257.00 each (4-10), and use a Stencil for solder paste. This allows the customer to use any type solder paste. The Stencils are used 1 for each socket at $15.00 each.

A 54 ball buffer socket is $264.00 each (4-10) in any configuration, and an example price for a 240 ball Controller socket is $629.00 with solder balls and $577.00 with out.

There are several varieties of all these sockets and we most likely have the design completed for your application.