Near Zero Footprint SMT Spring Pin Sockets Device size SMT Spring Pin sockets for all types of components with Superior Electrical Performance

Ironwood Electronics, continues to design and manufacture new innovative SMT sockets. The Near Zero Spring Pin allows you to surface mount a socket into nearly the same space as your device. These sockets utilize two technologies; Spring Pins, that are recognized as a reliable, high life interconnect for leaded, pad and solder balled devices, and Ironwood’s unique ability to bring this technology into a SMT socket. The sockets are only 1mm larger than the device so they can mount directly into the same location as the original device. If you might have closer components in areas, relief cuts can also be incorporated to fit your PCB. The spring pins are laminated into the housing with a PCB interface on the bottom allowing it to be reflowed onto your PCB. Ironwood SMT Spring Socket part number 105130-XXXX series, allows testing of virtual any device type. The sockets can be configured to the smallest form factor using the customers press OR they can be made with a cantilevered area allowing for a Lid assembly. The sockets can be designed using several types of spring pins for the highest level of electrical performance required for your application. We offer spring pin technologies that have electrical performance of up to – 1dB insertion loss to 40 GHz.

Pricing for an example of a 48-pin device with added ground pins is $900 each at quantity 6, and an additional $250.00 for the Keylock lid version. Reduced pricing available depending on quantity required.