Package Converter Technology converts QFN Device to BGA Footprint QFN package can be installed in boards made for BGA devices, saving the cost and time of respinning the PCB

Ironwood Electronics’ new adapter for the 16 pin BGA device allow use of the equivalent IC in QFN package to be used in PCB boards developed for BGA packages. The PC-QFN16A/BGA16C-01 is mapped specifically for the On Semiconductor multi-function differential Logic Gate NBSG86A. The part consists of a single piece FR4 (High temp PCB) with solder balls on the bottom side and can be easily placed on the target board by the flux and reflow method. Top side of the adapter consists of QFN footprint. Total height of the adapter is less than 1mm and a clearance of 0.3mm from the target board aids in cleaning and inspection. When QFN device is soldered on the top side of adapter, the total height is 1.95mm.

These adapters with NBSG86A (QFN16) soldered on the top side are priced at $43.78 each at quantity 1600. For more information on these products please contact Elena Smolentseva.