Probing Adapter for 0.5mm Pitch BGA133 Full Speed Debugging of 0.5mm pitch BGA133 is made easier with PB-BGA133A-Z-01 Socket Probe Adapter with chip size SMT base

Ironwood Electronics’ PB-BGA133A-Z-01 Socket Probe Adapter which allows high-speed testing of BGA device while accessing the signals using testers via header pins. Ironwood Electronics is an expert in developing high-speed interfaces for processors, peripheral IC’s and memory devices and is a development partner with both Agilent and Tektronix. Features of the PB-BGA133A-Z-01 include shortest possible trace length for maximum speed, low inductance, low capacitance, blind and buried via PCB design technology. This socket probe adapter is designed to interface with 0.5mm pitch Fine pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) packages.

Ironwood’s PB-BGA133A-Z-01 Socket Probe Adapter consists of two parts. The surface mount base is soldered to the target system board in place of BGA133, 0.5mm pitch, 14×14 array, 11mmX10mm body using standard BGA soldering methods. The probe board with elastomer socket plugs into the SMT base and employs a PCB to deliver all data, address, control, and clock signals to header pins on 2.54mm centers. To use, drop IC into the elastomer socket, and apply downward force using compression screw in the socket lid. Socketed 133 pin BGA chip top module will plug into the female BGA socket soldered to the development board.

The elastomer socket (in the top module) is constructed with high performance and low inductance gold plated embedded wire on elastomer as interconnect material between device and probe board. The temperature range is -35C to +100 C. The pin self inductance is 0.15 nH and mutual inductance of 0.025 nH. Capacitance to ground is 0.01 pF. Current capacity is 2 amps per pin.

The PB-BGA133A-Z-01 adapter is priced at $2100 USD in quantities of 1-10 parts, with a leadtime of 5 days. The component parts are also available individually.