Production test Socket for LQFP216 Socket and Test your 216 lead Quad Flat pack device using extreme temperature socket

Ironwood Electronics recently introduced a new Stamped spring pin socket addressing high performance requirements for testing 216 lead Quad flat pack – CBT-QFE-3014. The contactor used in CBT-QFE-3014 socket is a stamped spring pin with 17 gram actuation force per ball and cycle life of 10,000+ insertions. The self inductance of the contactor is 0.88 nH, insertion loss < 1 dB at 31.7 GHz and capacitance 0.03pF. The current capacity of each contactor is 2.9 amps. Socket temperature range is -55C to +180C. Socket also features an open top lid with double latch for ease of operation. The center square opening on the lid allows ease of access to the device top side. The socket lid has an integrated compression plate for vertical force without distorting device position. The socket also features precise lead positioning guide that aligns each lead to the corresponding spring pin. The specific configuration of the package to be tested in the CBT-QFE-3014 is a Quad Flat Pack, 24mm square, 0.4mm pitch, 26mm lead tip to tip distance with 216 leads. The socket pin guides has an access hole for thermocouple to be placed such that temperature of the device bottom side can be captured. The socket is mounted using supplied hardware on the target PCB with no soldering, and uses the smallest footprint in the industry. The smallest footprint allows inductors, resistors and decoupling capacitors to be placed very close to the device for impedance tuning. Center array of spring pins provides good electrical/thermal connection to between the ground pad of the device and the target PCB. To use, place QFP device into the socket, close the lid by snapping to the latch and the downward force is applied via integrated spring mechanism. This socket can be used for quick device screening, device characterization at extreme temperatures as well as final production test.

Pricing for the CBT-QFE-3014 is $895 at qty 1 with reduced pricing available depending on quantity required.