Small to Large I/O Grypper for BGA development available from Ironwood Grypper Sockets Available for all sizes of BGA - same size as device with Superior Electrical Performance

Ironwood Electronics, continues to design and manufacture new Grypper test sockets for any BGA devices including large array ASIC’s and the smallest I/O and down to 0.35 mm pitch. The Grypper socket can be design to any I/O count specific to your custom BGA requirements. Ironwood Grypper G80 LIF socket, part number GR1005-XXXX, allows testing of an 896 I/O – 31.0 x 31.0 pitch BGA package. The 109092-XXXX Grypper socket shown is a 12 ball socket at 0.40 pitch This BGA device size is only 1.2 X 1.6 mm. This design also incorporates built in alignment corners making it easy to position the small BGA to the socket prior to insertion. To connect a device, simply insert into the socket by pressing on top of the device, no lid is required. The unique geometry of the contact grips onto the solder balls of the device. To remove the device a simple extraction tool can be used to pop the device back out of the socket and it is ready to install another device. This Grypper socket has excellent electrical performance of – 1dB insertion loss greater than 40.0 GHz. Force required to insert a device is 25 grams / contact. The socket is sold in three configurations; Sockets with a Rohs solder ball (SAC 305) replicates the device. The socket configured with SnPb solder ball allow easy reflow/attachment onto a PCB that already has components mounted. The lower melting temperature of the SnPb solder will not affect any adjacent components that might be close to the target area where the socket is to be placed. The socket can also be purchased with NO solder balls. No solder ball version requires the use of a 0.2mm thick stencil for the correct amount of solder paste allowing any type of solder paste the customers lab might use for attachment.

Pricing for the 896 BGA- GR1005-0003 is $1197.00 at qty 4-10 and the 12 BGA – 109092-0002 is $313.00 which includes the built in alignment corners. Reduced pricing available depending on quantity required.