Spring Pin Socket for Xeon Processor Socket your LGA2011 using Extreme Temperature Socket with Superior Electrical Performance

Ironwood Electronics recently introduced a new LGA socket addressing high performance requirements for 1.016mm pitch devices – SBT-LGA-9019. The contactor is a stamped spring pin with 19 gram actuation force per pin and cycle life of 125,000 insertions. The self inductance of the contactor is 0.93 nH, insertion loss of < 1 dB at 23 GHz and capacitance 0.097pF. The current capacity of each contactor is 4 amps. Socket temperature range is -55C to +180C. Socket also features an IC guide for precise edge alignment of the processor. The specific configuration of the package to be tested in the SBT-LGA-9019 is LGA, 52.5x45mm body size and 1.016mm pitch. The socket has heat sink lid to dissipate appropriate power of Xeon processor. Existing server board has production socket that can handle 10 insertions only. SBT-LGA-9019 has to be used on top of existing socket to enable screening of (125K+) processor on server board. To use, place interposer board on existing socket and mount socket body with spring pins using provided hardware (utilizes existing heat sink mount holes in PCB). Drop IC into the socket, close the heat sink lid, and apply down force by spring loaded hardware on four corners. This socket can be used for hand test, screening processors and validation/charcterization applications with the most stringent requirements.

These spring pin socket product line was designed to be used in the existing server board with production socket previously soldered. Custom designs are also available. SBT-LGA-9019 socket features a unique contact design with outside spring and flat stamped plungers that provide a robust solution for Burn-in & Test applications including excellent electrical signal integrity to meet the requirements of today’s demanding analog, digital, RF, Bluetooth and medical device applications. The socket is mounted using supplied hardware on the target PCB with no soldering, and uses smallest footprint in the industry. The smallest footprint allows inductors, resistors and decoupling capacitors to be placed very close to the device for impedance tuning. The heat sink lid incorporates a quick installation method using spring loaded hardware so that IC’s can be changed out quickly.

Pricing for the SBT-LGA-9019 is $2980 at qty 1 with reduced pricing available depending on quantity required.