Xilinx Device Converter Allows Embedded FPGAs to be used in embedded designs without re-spinning mother board Xilinx XC6SLX16-2CSG324C can be used on an existing Xilinx XCV300-4PQG240I 240 position QFP SMT lands via cost effective leadless adapter

Ironwood Electronics’ new Xilinx device converter – DC-BGA-XC6SLX16/QFP-XCV300-01 allows customers to use a low cost Xilinx Spartan-6 family embedded FPGA with optimized logic and High speed serial connectivity in place of Xilinx Virtex XCV300-4PQG240I FPGA. These device converters can be soldered directly onto the SMT QFP pads using standard solder methods. The characteristics one should consider when selecting a QFP lead-less emulator device converter are as follows: a) surface mountable – both hand soldering as well as reflow process compatible b) durable c) reduced stress on target board d) true leadless QFP design and e) compact design.

The Ironwood Electronics device converter DC-BGA-XC6SLX16/QFP-XCV300-01 consists of footprint and pin out conversion multi layer PCB with a QFP240 leadless interface for SMT processing. This high performance adapter has the same pad configuration as the QFP IC. The leadless pads are constructed with precise geometry to accomplish the accurate QFP package emulation. DC-BGA-XC6SLX16/QFP-XCV300-01 is designed to receive Xilinx Spartan-6 family XC6SLX16-2CSG324C embedded FPGA on the top and converts pin mapping with additional supporting circuitry including voltage regulators to discontinued Xilinx Virtex XCV300-4PQG240I FPGA. This device converter allows a low-cost method of replacing legacy FPGAs without re-spinning the mother board.

A complete list of surface mount adapters can be seen in the following link.


Pricing for the DC-BGA-XC6SLX16/QFP-XCV300-01 is $189.37 each at qty 100 which includes Xilinx Spartan 6 and other components assembled on to multi layer QFP leadless emulator.