IMPERIUM Thermal Systems

Ironwood thermal control systems are universally compatible with all sockets, adapters and surface mount components.  Capable of actively controlling device temperatures from -55 – 155°C quickly (< 80°C/min) and with high accuracy (±0.2°C). With an industry first quick disconnect umbilical, many applications can be adapted to use the same benchtop unit.

  • Benchtop Size: Imperium 10010W is intended for low power (<10 W) temperature control from -55°C to +150°C, resulting in a compact bench-top unit with low acoustic noise. The universal 115-250 volt power requirement and small size, just 410 x 282 x 150 mm (11 x 6 x 16 in) and only 8.7 kg (19 lb), makes it easy to move and use anywhere in the lab.
  • Umbilical Test Head: The detachable Thermal Head contains internal pneumatics for precise force control from 0-80 kg, perfect for use with high performance, but more force sensitive, elastomer contacts, while the quick disconnect makes it easy to swap heads for different package sizes or transfer between sites
  • Frost-Free Operation: Integrates with all high performance test sockets, creating a seal between the test head and socket body for frost free operation. Optional shrouds are available to extend the frost free zone outside the socket area.
  • Excellent Thermal Performance: Temperature Control and Accuracy is within +/-0.2°C. Ramp rates up to 80°C