PLCC Clips & Socket Plugs

Ironwood’s family of clips and plugs for PLCC packages can be used for connecting PCBs together or for gaining access to signals for testing.



PLCC Clips

Our PLCC clips snap onto the leads of surface mounted PLCC packages and provide reliable mechanical and electrical interconnection to all signals. Depending on the specific part, the signals are then presented to surface mount lands, 0.05″ mini-grid (MGA) arrays, or to through hole pin interfaces.

The MGA versions can be combined with our PLCC probe board / carrier adapters.

Ironwood part numbers containing “-M” indicate the MGA interface, “-S” the surface mount lands, and “-T” the through hole pin interface.

PLCC Socket Plugs-True J-Lead Emulation

The characteristics one should consider when selecting a PLCC package emulation plug are as follows: a) surface mountable b) durable c) reduced stress on target socket d) true j-lead design and e) retention force. Competitive parts, although less expensive, are typically wirewrap pin on milled block assemblies which do not truly emulate the PLCC package. These ‘block’ designs may overstress the contacts or socket body of a PLCC socket after only a few insertions. The Ironwood Electronics PLCC plug (the PL-PLCCxx-S-01 part family) has a true j-lead design and can insert into and extract from a PLCC socket several hundred times without harming the socket. The substrate between the j-leads is recessed to allow the ribs of the target PLCC socket to fall between the j-leads. This increases the retention force of the plug in the socket in the right place – The contact between the plugs j-lead and the socket contact and not between the substrate of the plug and the socket body as is the case with low cost, low endurance parts. A J-lead interface allows the Plug to be surface mounted to a daughter board. The large mass ‘block’ type plugs typically can not be surface mounted. Please click the Products tab at the top of the page to view the full product line and to download drawings.