Memory Probing Adapters

Mounted in place of a memory device, Ironwood’s line of Memory Probing adapters eliminate the need to design debug features into target systems. Our Memory Probing Adapter allows high-speed testing of DDR3 memory device while accessing the signals using testers via test pads located on left and right wings. Real time, high speed analysis of target systems requires excellent signal integrity. Our pluggable components employ gold plated connections. Features of the Memory Probing adapter include controlled impedance, shortest possible trace length for maximum speed, low inductance, low capacitance, blind and buried via PCB design technology. Memory Probing adapter is designed to interface various 0.8mm pitch, 1.0mm pitch Ball Grid Array packages to SMT pads on the target PCB while bringing the signals out for probing.

Figure 3: A typical three component modular adapter system

Ironwood’s Memory Probing Adapter consists of rigid flex PCB with solder balls on the bottom side. The Memory probing adapter can be soldered to the target system board in place of Memory device using standard BGA soldering methods. DDR3 memory device can be soldered on the top side of probe adapter that employs a flex wing design to deliver all data, address, control, and other signals to test pads on 0.4mm centers. The flex wing test pads can be interfaced to logic analyzer or other test equipment using appropriate cable connector. Alternatively, this probe adapter can be used inside a BGA socket for solderless solution.