SOIC Probing Adapters

SOIC Probing Adapters

Our two piece SOIC probing adaptors consist of an SMT emulation base and a probe board assembly that plugs into the base. Open top ZIF sockets or surface mount land options provide connections to the device. Our SOIC probe boards may be specified to provide test lands, rather than test pins.

Graphical illustration of SOIC probing adapter

The SMT emulation base assemblies are typically J-leaded (pictured at right), but leadless bases and socket plug designs are available. The bases are available individually, the part selection tables list the compatible part number for each adapter’s base assembly for your convenience.

SOIC footprint

Some of our SOIC upper assemblies provide SMT lands rather than ZIF socket. The Land Pattern picture indicates the dimensions referenced in the part tables as “Land Pattern InsideX” and “Land Pattern OutsideX.”