Aspen Sockets

Aspen Socket
Aspen Socket

Ironwood Electronics’ Aspen line of sockets are designed in standardized stepped footprint configurations, incorporating industry standard high performance spring pins. Sockets can be designed to work with any type of IC package; BGA – LGA – QFN – DFN and even leaded devices where you have minimal space to fit a socket in place of your device to allow fast, easy testing and development.

Features and Benefits

  • Industry Standard Spring Pins – Ironwood Electronics has partnered with several Spring Pin manufactures, so we can provide designs based on your mechanical and electrical requirements, and cost points
  • Lid Options – Lid types include; a simple Swivel Lid, Spring-Loaded Clam Shell Lid and ½-Turn Lid for larger I/O devices
  • Excellent signal performance – Depending on the electrical performance needed, Ironwood Aspen sockets can be designed using the best contact element required for your application