Grypper Documentation & Videos

Documentation and guides for Grypper Family Products. View individual Grypper products for more specific documentation.

Grypper Application Videos

G40 Insertion Video

Grypper Socket with Signal Snoop Board Application

Grypper Insertion Video

G80 Insertion Video


Grypper Attachment Partners

Companies Listed below can assist you in attachment of the Ironwood Grypper Socket and SMT Spring Pin Sockets to your PCB


Circuit Technology Center

22 Parkridge Road
Haverhill, MA 01835 USA

P: 978-374-5000

Grypper Users and Test Board / Snoop Board Applications

Companies Listed below Use Ironwood Grypper Sockets and have test systems and Snoop boards available for many memory applications.


NEXUS Technology

Nexus Technologies

P: 877-595-8116

Tools Available to assist in the use of Ironwood Products

Companies Listed below Sell Tools that can help Insert and Remove Devices, remove debris, etc.

EMS Fine Precision Mini Tools
EMS Fine Precision Mini Tools

P: 215-412-8400
P: 215-412-8450

They have several tools used for removing debris from sockets. We recommend EMS Part Numbers:






P: 562-692-5911 (Sales)
P: 562-641-2800 (Customer Service)

Inserting Large I/O BGA into the Grypper Products can exceed 30 pounds. To assist in this process our customers have used a press with a force gauge. The link below is one version used for this process:

McMaster-Carr Force Gauges


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